ACG Hungary is currently looking for a passionate Social Media/ Content Grouphead to join their team.
Lead one of the largest social media creative teams in the country at ACG Budapest. Our colorful and growing customer portfolio provides for various exciting challenges.

• Development of social, content, performance concepts and contents related to projects, taking into account the client's business and marketing strategy and goals in accordance with the specific criteria received from the client

• Creation of unique brand promotional social, online concepts in accordance with the customer's promotion system’s requirements

• Writing and giving presentations in both English and Hungarian;

• Organizing the creative elements necessary for the implementation of the project, including evaluation and supervision;

• Careful performance of financial and legal tasks related to the professional field;

• Provide, educate, mentor, motivate, and evaluate the right people for your effective team.

• Managing the work of your team: organizing and controlling various processes;

• Continuous monitoring of the latest online and creative trends and solutions, innovation.

• Market research, monitoring the activities of competitors, analyzing them and maintaining or increasing competitive advantage with the help of these inputs;

• Exploring new business opportunities;

• Smooth and effective collaboration with affiliated departments;

• Preparation of reports, analyzes, summaries

But fulfilling these responsibilities is just as important as having:
• Minimum 5 years of experience in Social Media
• up to date knowledge about social media platforms
• extensive experience in creating integrated online activations

And what we can offer?
• Cozy and friendly environment in an award-winning office
• Your dog will also love it
• Well established and long-lasting client portfolio in every major market
• Career plan developed jointly with the management
• Rapidly growing team
• Open for changes company attitude
• Not to mention ski camps, Carnival, Christmas party, family day and a lot more - we are not bored outside our working hours

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